How to choose best automatic ice cream makers

Do you need the best Automatic Ice Cream maker?

Have you ever wished to make best ice cream just in minutes? Have you ever considered buying an Ice cream machine? Are you tired of reading reviews?
If yes, then you are exactly in the same position I was a couple years ago, when I wanted to have a soft serve ice cream maker, but did not know which one to buy. There are at least ten different automatic ice cream makers in the market which, according to reviews all promise you to make a delicious ice cream in less than an hour, but may be just some of those meet our needs.

What should we look for when choosing an automatic ice cream maker?

After trying out numerous makers (and reading a lot of reviews), I am ready to share some secrets...

Amount of the Ice Cream Produced

Usually we need an automatic ice cream maker which can produce ice cream for the whole family or a bunch of friends. Too often automatic ice cream makers fail to produce adequate amount, so this is the first feature you should check – whether you will be able to get enough of ice-cream for everyone using the particular ice cream maker.

Gel-canister or Compressor

Many ice cream makers do not freeze the ice cream on their own, like Gel-canister models, which require pre-freezing (you place the bowl of your ice cream maker in the freezer first and use it only after it is frozen; it may take 6-22 hours). If you are like me, then most probably also your freezer is usually too occupied to have free space for an ice cream maker. So you need a machine with a compressor so that you do not need to reorganize your freezer.


Most automatic ice cream makers require at least half an hour to make a soft serve ice cream. Gel-canister ice cream makers cannot be used twice in a row, you have to freeze the bowl again before you produce your next batch. It is OK if you are able to plan your days ahead, but I often fail at this. I myself only having guests and I like my kids to bring their friends unexpectedly. I like to serve an ice cream for them, but, though I usually the necessary ingredients at home, I am not ready to wait an hour until I get a result. So, you need an ice cream maker which can make the necessary amount of ice cream in a very short time.

Price versus Value

Another very important issue: price versus value: most of the freezer ice cream makers are definitely cheaper than truly automatic ice cream makers which can freeze the stuff on their own. On the other hand – the automatic ones which will be able to produce the adequate amount of ice cream in less than an hour, are very expensive.

Advice: consider your own priorities carefully!

So, have you considered what is the most important for you: amount of ice cream, time spent in preparation, price of the ice cream maker, or free space in your freezer?

Click here to find out more about your priorities and take this quiz on how to choose the best automatic ice cream makers.

The quiz will let you make the right choice, and you will also learn a very simple and effective solution if you want to get a delicious ice cream fast and with little efforts at very reasonable price! 


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