How we got our best ice-cream maker

First, we tried every automatic ice-cream maker our friends had. Some of those were pretty good, like Cuisinart ICE-20 Automatic Ice-Cream Maker, but in most cases, the whole process seemed to be just too time consuming. I hated the idea that I needed several hours to get my favorite treat. In some cases, we did not like the result – it was either too soft, sometimes not smooth enough.

As none of the friends could help us, we started to search through the internet, evaluating all kinds of icecream makers, checking for and reading numerous customer reviews. We were looking for an automatic machine, not a blender, so it was just a chance that we came across Vitamix reviews. While reading those, we found out that most of the users of these blenders were obviously greatly satisfied with it. And some of those reviews contained boastful stories of the delicious ice creams they had made using the blender. What made it different from all other ice cream makers – these recipes were very simple, did not require a lot of effort and – what was the most important, they said that using this blender we could get a ready-made frozen treat just in minutes!

Luckily, one of our friends had a Vitamix 4500. It was a rather old one, but he said that it was working marvelously. So we tried to make our first frozen dessert using the blender. And it worked! The result was smooth, soft, creamy, and extremely tasty.

Now we needed best ice-cream maker Vitamix Vita-prep 3our own machine, so we typed “eBay Vitamix” and got an instant result. It was very difficult to choose between all kinds of products, as they even had a Mix'n Machine – which is exactly a completely superb automatic ice-cream making machine. None of our friends had any of these, so the decision had to be ours... I was for the Mix'n Machine, but my friend was for Vitamix Vita-prep 3 – another sophisticated machine for professionals. After reading hundreds of reviews, we decided to the one my friend preferred, as this offered more options and was comparatively cheaper than the Mix'n Machine. So we have bought Vitamix Vita-prep 3 – and are still happy with the machine.

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