Why Ice Cream is Good for You

Want to make friends? Make an ice cream party, where everyone makes his or her favorite frozen treat at you house, using your Vitamix! It takes just minutes to prepare any ice cream type and you can start enjoying your cold creamy dessert.

Want to get a husband? Make an ice cream for your male friends. Studies have discovered that 55% of males would choose an ice cream for a dessert. So, you may be the one, who will surprise him with an extremely delicious, fresh made treat! Though you should, prepare it before your friend arrives, as using Vitamix Vita prep 3 may cause a lot of noise. On the other hand this noise lasts for less than 2 minutes, so every sensible man should be able to tolerate that much! Even more, if this lets him appreciate your superb cooking skills.

Want to get pregnant? Eat an ice cream every day! Scientists say that eating high-fat dairy food once a day, fertility of women increases and these women are more likely to have ovulation. Of course, this will not help if you are a male:), but eating this sweet goodie will make you happier anyway.

Want to lose weight? Eat low fat ice cream. You will spend a lot of calories just warming the stuff up :). Use either Vitamix or an automatic ice cream maker to prepare your favorite frozen low fat yogurt dessert and burn calories every day! Remember that the best recipes require the smallest amount of ingredients.

Want to be healthy: prepare your own frozen smoothies using Vita prep 3. Use cranberries, acai berries, strawberries, blueberries, cherries, melons and oranges – whatever you prefer! It allows you to get more minerals, vitamins, enzymes and co-enzymes than you would be able to get eating just fruits and vegetables, as Vitamix Vita prep 3 breaks down the fiber and seeds, releasing these extremely vital nutrients.

Want to be happy: use your ice cream maker, take the best quality ingredients, prepare a delicious chocolate treat, which melts on your tongue, and feel how endorphins (hormones that increase the happiness) are released in your body.

Just enjoy!


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