My wanderings in the World of Automatic Ice-cream Makers

I have always loved ice-cream, so I am always surprised to find people who do not appreciate this sweet, delicious, literary melt-in-your mouth dainty.
But since I learned to make my own ice-cream using the best possible ice cream maker, even those of my friends who have never bought an ice-cream cone since age of 15, ask for the second helping :)

It was not at all easy to find the best ice-cream maker - it took me years to test different automatic ice cream makers, I wasted mountains off eggs, cream, sugar and other stuff before I found out the best ice-cream machine and the best recipes.

For a long time I was not ready to share the secrets of how I prepare my most delicious ice-creams even with my closest friends, but, alas, a long time ago when I was young, inexperienced and naive, I promised to disclose the truth when I would turn 40. :) Then it seemed ages away.
Now the time has come... I have to keep my promise. So, my dear friends, I, being fully conscious, promise that I am going to publish here all my secrets - so long kept from you :) So, check soon, I will continue! (But not now, I just have to prepare one more ice-cream before I proceed)

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