First attempt to make an ice cream

So, I wanted to make another ice cream, taste, enjoy it, the photos and video while making it, and then put down some recipes… But, alas, I am not going to have an ice cream tonight, you are not going to get the recipes. Still, there is one who is satisfied and happy, so the story is about him.

First I measured the necessary amount of the whip cream. To make my life easier, I always use electronic food scale (actually digital scales, as these are called nowadays) instead of measuring cups (too approximate) or counting spoons. This way I never need to remember which cup should be used for measurements, I can just grab the first from the shelf, place on the electronic food scale, press "0" to reduce the weight of the cup, and add the necessary amount.

So I did it also today. I took the cup off the scale, then I turned my back to take some frozen stuff from the fridge (the most important ingredient of our best recipe)… And look, what happened:funny cat eats cream

OK, I do not mind to share my house, my garden, and even my bed with this precious beauty! But I do mind sharing the whip cream! Even more, if this is my last bottle. And it means, I am not going to get the ice cream tonight. And you are not going to get the recipe!

Only the cat is happy – it has got full stomach, and it even does not know that the stuff was not too healthy for it.

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